You Are What You Eat

I was recently vending at a function when a man from out of town approached our booth and said, ”I’m glad you are here, I’m a vegetarian and I was looking for a health food store.” After he left, I was thinking about his statement and wondered why a person has to look for a health food store? Isn’t All Food supposed to be healthy? If a health food store has healthy food in it, then what does a grocery store have? Why is health food more expensive? When you are out and about, why aren’t there as many restaurants to drive-up to and get a vegetable plate, a salad or a fruit smoothie, as there are fast food restaurants?

In our line of business we are observing people becoming sicker by the day, they seem to lack the energy that they need to sustain their daily activities, and obesity in adults and children are at record proportions. One of the reasons for these challenges is also the solution: You Are What You Eat! There is a saying in the health food industry; “from life comes life”. That means that when you consume live foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also be consuming the energy that supports and sustains life. When you consume meat or flesh (that includes fish, chicken and turkey), there is no energy to sustain life because you are eating something dead. If you leave any uncooked, un-refrigerated fruit or vegetables (such as an apple, orange, lemon, beet or potato) out on your counter for a week, you will still be able to eat it. If you leave any uncooked, un-refrigerated meat or flesh out on your counter for a week, would it still be edible? I seriously doubt it, it will be rotting and stinking before the week was up.

In the wild, generally animals that are herbivorous (or vegetarian) only eat fruit or plants, and they are not as aggressive, their bodies are lean and they spend most of their time standing or moving around. On the other hand, carnivores (or flesh eaters) typically are more aggressive and they spend a lot of time laying down and sleeping after they have eaten their kill.

If you are what you eat, what would the body of a person who is a junk food junkie look like? “Junk” is defined as: to discard as worthless; waste; to scrap. If you are what you eat, what does you body look like? What have you been eating? Think about your body temple as being a divinely created machine that is capable of awesome feats if it is cared for and maintained properly. The driver of a multi-million dollar racecar would not conceive of putting cheap gas into their car, but the driver of a hooptie would not give it a second thought.

There are at least three simple methods of identifying whether the foods that you are eating are healthy or harmful:

1) By the way that you feel (healthy, strong, vibrant and energized, or, low to no energy, aches and pains, illnesses, constipation, bloating, no motivation, sluggishness etc.)

2) By the way you look (a clean, healthy and glowing look, toned body, lots of energy, or, weight gain, poor condition of the hair and skin etc.)

3) By the way you act (even-tempered, patient, mentally and emotionally balanced, focused, or, impatient, aggressive, unbalanced, lack mental clarity etc.)

Making the transition to a healthier lifestyle is a process which takes time and patience. It took you time to get into the condition that you are in, and it will take you time to get yourself out of it. Until then, become educated about diet, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other supplements that will assist you. Take care of your body, love it, nourish it and nurture it, after all, you only get one!

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