Tis The Season to Be HEALTHY!

The holiday season ironically ends with a beginning; a new year, and when a new year begins many people make a New Year’s resolution. Think about making your resolution with the decision to become healthier. There are many ways to do that such as: exercising, eliminating certain foods from your diet, learning relaxation techniques, spending more “ME” time or picking up a new hobby.

Becoming healthier also means taking care of your body temple to allow it to function at its optimum as it was divinely created to do. The human body is like a finely tuned machine with each of its parts serving a specific and essential purpose. Stress, poor diet and nutrition, and the toxins in the environment will throw the body out of balance, which can lead to illness and diseases. There are several therapies (some whose origins have been traced back thousands of years and are still powerfully effective today) that have proven effective in enhancing one’s health and well being.

Listed are several therapies to consider incorporating into your health regime:

Colonic – A colonic (also called “a high enema”, “colon hydrotherapy” or “colon irrigation”) is a therapy, which uses water to flush the build-up of waste material from the colon such as: hard and impacted feces, mucus, parasites, worms etc. Poor dietary habits, a lack of fiber and insufficient exercise are some of the contributing factors to a sluggish colon and bowel, which can ultimately lead to a toxic system. If there is a build-up of waste material, the toxins (which are poisonous to the body) can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream causing one to feel ill, weak and/or tired, also toxins can enter into the organs which could lead to dis-ease. Other outcomes of waste build-up is the colon’s inability to assimilate minerals and vitamins; the walls of the colon can become weak causing sluggish bowel movements and constipation, and the environment is enhanced for harmful colon bacteria and excessive yeast growth. A colonic is rarely painful, however, there might be discomfort when there is an implication of fecal matter or waste as well as gas, which will be relieved when the waste is expelled.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) – heals spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically because it raises your energy vibration above the level of sickness to promote the elimination of imbalances, discomforts, pain and illness. Reiki has been known to improve many conditions such as: poor blood circulation, relieve stress and remove energy blockages. An experienced Reiki practitioner is extremely effective in indicating the root causes of physical challenges and emotional pressures such as depression, grieving, and anger. Reiki energy brings about a state of peace and balance. It is completely painless and leaves one feeling stress free.

Bio-cleanse – is also known a cellular energizing and cleansing, and is designed to detoxify the body through the normal eliminatory organs and systems. The process consists of your feet or hands being placed in a container of warm water, an array (bio-cleanse generator machine) sits in the water that generates ions (pos. & neg.) which draws toxins out of the bottom of the feet. As the toxins are drawn out of the feet, the water begins to change colors and based upon the colors in the water, the technician can tell what health issues are going on in the body. While Bio-cleanse is very effective in detoxifying the body, it is beneficial to part with real lifestyle changes.

Reflexology – is a specialized form of foot (or hand) massage therapy which has been traced back to around 2300 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Reflexology detects and corrects imbalances within the body that may be causing ill health. The theory of reflexology is that specific areas on the bottom of the feet (or on the palms of the hands) are energetically connected to the organs, glands, nervous and lymphatic systems. When the reflexologist applies pressure with their thumb on those specific areas on the feet (or hands), they can detect and break-up blockages. The client might feel a variety of sensations if there is congestion, blockages or imbalances in the organ, gland etc. associated with that area. The main benefit of reflexology is relaxation, but it also improves the blood supply, relieves stress and pain, as well as promoting good health.

Iridology – is the study of the iris of the eye, and is purely a diagnostic tool and an assessment aid for the iridologist. The iris (the colored part of the eye) is like a map, which identifies which part of the body, is affected by or subjected to be affected by an illness or dis-ease. An experienced iridologist is able to pinpoint the general state of a person’s health and is able to indicate conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, allergies, as well as problems with the body’s glands and organs. Problem areas within the body are identified within the iris as spots, flecks, white or dark streaks etc. An iridology examination is simple and painless; the iridologist looks into the colored part of the eye with the aid of a flashlight and then notates on an eye chart any abnormalities. Some examiners use a special camera to photograph the iris, magnify the picture then document the results.

Ear Coning (or ear candling) – is an age-old remedy, which removes the accumulations of wax, yeast and parasites.  Ear coning does not cause side effects or health disorders, however, side effects may be experienced depending upon the health condition of the individual, and because of blocked pores in the ears or the ear canal due to years of wax buildup. The process of ear coning is done by placing an ear cone just inside the opening of the ear and lighting the other end of the cone. The smoke from the cone (which is made from natural products and essential oils) travels down the ear canal creating a vacuum action, which pulls out wax and other debris into the cone. Ear coning is very relaxing and should be part of your regular health maintenance regime.

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