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Recently the singer/actress Beyonce Knowles was on Oprah’s show and stated that she had lost 20 pounds in a coupe of weeks for her starring role in “Dreamgirls”. She said that she had lost her weight on the “Master Cleanser” diet, and since then the Master Cleanser is becoming one of the most popular methods of weight loss. It has generated a lot of media attention with both supporters and naysayers. I have gone on the Master Cleanser several times as well as my family members; we have had wonderful results and will regularly incorporate it into our future health regiment. A man named Stanley Burroughs, created the Master Cleanser (MC) over 40 years ago as a method of internal cleansing and healing. The MC is also called the “lemonade diet” because one of its most obvious benefits is substantial weight loss, but it actually is a detoxification fast.

Fasting is the abstinence from eating food (solid or liquid) for short or extended periods of time. The purpose and primary reasons for one to use the MC fast are detoxification, illness, weight loss and to allow the digestive and eliminative organs to rest. Fasting was used throughout the history of man as well as in nature, evidenced in children and animals that do not eat if they are not feeling well. The MC ideally should be used to cleanse the body and its systems at least four times a year (when the seasons change), when you have become overweight and especially when an illness has developed whether it is minor, acute or chronic.

Some of the reported healing benefits of the MC are: increased energy, relief from aches and pains, colds, boils, fat burning, skin problems, cholesterol deposits, sinuses, joint and muscle pain, abscesses, allergies and ulcers. Other wonderful benefits have been the disappearance of cravings, which have resulted in the breaking of addictions such as caffeinated drinks, smoking, alcohol and even drugs. Some years ago before I changed my dietary habits, I was addicted to Pepsi. I went on the MC for seven days, I had lost 10 pounds and I realized that my craving for Pepsi was gone.

As powerful and effective as the MC is, amazingly it only has four ingredients in its recipe:

  1. Lemons (or limes) – which are rich in vitamins and minerals, a natural cleansing, disinfectant and detoxifying agent
  2. Grade B maple syrup – is the richest in mineral content and should not be confused or replaced with sugar based maple flavored syrup found in the grocery store which has no nutritional value or health benefits
  3. Cayenne pepper – aids in digestion, improves circulation and breaks up mucus in the body
  4. Distilled water – a pure form of water that pulls out inorganic minerals that are rejected by the body’s cells and tissues

In addition to the MC, a herbal laxative tea is recommended to assure more rapid results, as well as assist in the elimination of the waste and toxins that will be released during the fast. Sufficient bowel eliminations are vital so that the toxins will not back up into the organs, tissues and re-enter into the blood stream.

Because the MC is a fast, no food should be eaten and no vitamin pills are necessary, since all the nutrition needed is contained within the recipe. It is recommended to stay on the MC for 10 days, however, I have heard of people staying on it for up to 30-40 days because they were so pleased with their results. In order to achieve optimum results and minimal complications, the recipe and the process should be followed precisely. There have been some deviations and incorrect information given on the internet and by those who had innocently and unknowing passed it around, so it is strongly advised to acquire the original book “The Master Cleanser” by Stanley Burroughs to eliminate all doubt. It is very informative and has a variety of other very interesting information in it.

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“I would like to recommend the Master Cleanser diet to everyone. I’m a firefighter of 13 yrs. for Detroit, so I consider myself in decent shape. I tried the diet, not to lose weight, but to cleanse of the impurities of 13 yrs. of fire service plus 30+ yrs. of various eating habits. I started the Master Cleanse and the same day I started my workout regime, and I have to say I was amazed that I had energy to workout daily while not consuming food. But I never lost a step, skipped a beat, and felt better than I have, probably since my late teen or early 20”s. Its really changed my outlook on health, my eating habits, and lifestyle. I am an avid fan of the Master Cleanse and during and since me trying it, many friends and family members became interested. Quite a few of them have tried it with similar results and opinions. You just don’t realize how good you could and should feel, till you try something life-changing! For me, it has been just that… Life Changing. I’m a better person physically after trying it, and that’s what really matters. Take care of your body, you only get one.”

  1. Johnson

Detroit Firefighter


“I would like to thank Nature’s Very Best Health Food Center for having what I needed. Please believe me when I say the Master Cleanser (or Lemonade Diet) by Stanley Burroughs, in my opinion is, the fastest and most effective way to regain your vitality and feel the joy of living again. It gave me astounding energy, as well as, relieve my body from those toxic poisons which cause many unnecessary illnesses and health issues. I feel this is truly needed among many black African American people. I have personally done this cleansing fast twice, 11 days each time. In return it has given me a deeper appreciation and understanding, when it comes to my food consumption or beverage of choice. Not to mention becoming more enlighten and consciously aware through the process of living.”

Best Regards,

Sylvester Jones

“The Master Cleanse is the Master of all the cleansers and I have done many and this one is the simplest of them all. It gives you energy, you feel great, you just feel better than ever. And you see immediate weight loss.. After the cleanse I had no more symptoms of cravings for starchy foods, and sugar was not something that I wanted any longer.”                                                                                                                                                                    Lynn Clark


“The Master Cleanser is a great diet. I lost 10 pounds in one week. It doesn’t make me feel sick or hungry at all. In fact I feel healthier and I have a lot more energy. You are guaranteed to at least lose 5-10 pounds every week. I recommend this diet to everyone who is in need of losing weight and cleansing their body at the same time.”                                                                                                                                                                       Angelica Hudson    “The Master Cleanser is great! I wake up and feel refreshed! I’m never hungry, weak or tired. This is the best thing I’ve done for my health and wellbeing in my life! Absolutely wonderful!”

Zyanya D. Alanis

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