COLONIC – A colonic is a therapy which uses warm water to gently flush the build-up of waste material from the colon such as: hardened and impacted feces, mucus, parasites, worms etc. Unfortunately, it is common to see people with an extended waistline or “potbelly”, “two stomachs”, and a “12 pack” as they are jokingly called. A stomach (which is actually the colon), that extends over the belt line is thought to be fat when in reality, the largest portion of it is WASTE. Most people have an average of 10 to 50 pounds of waste matter in their colon. A lack of fiber, poor dietary habits and insufficient exercise, are some of the contributing factors to a sluggish colon. The toxins (which are poisons to the body) can re-enter, and circulate into the blood stream causing one to feel ill, weak and or tired. Other outcomes of waste build-up is the colon’s inability to assimilate minerals and vitamins; the walls of the colon become weak causing sluggish bowel movements and constipation, and the environment for harmful bacteria and excessive yeast growth. The process of a colonic is that a speculum is gently inserted into the anus, the other end of the speculum is connected to a hose which allows water in intervals to slowly enter the colon causing the muscles of the colon to gently contract (called peristalsis) pushing the feces or waste matter out through another hose which is disposed of into a waste system.  A good colon cleanser (which loosens the fecal matter) and a parasite formula (which kills parasites and their eggs) is recommended to be taken for at least 2-3 days prior to the colonic, thus resulting in the loosened waste to then be flushed out during the colonic. Our colon therapists use the gravity method, purified water and sanitary disposable speculums for the optimum in cleanliness, as well as effectiveness.

1/$60.00 ~ 3 (series)/$150.00 ~ 6 (series)/$275.00

BODY TALK – Body Talk is an astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be resynchronized so they can operate as nature intended. When a body is operating at its optimal level, each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, these lines of communication can become compromised, which can lead to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental health. While Body Talk does not diagnose or treat specific ailments, clinical experience has shown that once their overlall systems are balanced through Bodytalk, clients have exhibited significant improvement in the areas of: Arthritis – Sports Injuries – Sports Performance – Emotional Disorders – Learning Disorders – Digestive Disorders – Endocrine Disorders – Chronic Fatigue – Headaches – Phobias – Chronic Pain – Stress – Viruses – Infections – Allergies – Back Pain.

Body Talk: $100.00

  Special: $65.00 for POLICE, FIRE DEPARTMENTS, E.M.S. Technicians or Disabled Veterans

NATUROPATHIC COUNSELING – Our on-staff Naturopathic Doctor is available to assist you with your overall health and nutritional concerns, and can even recommend CBD oil that will work to heal pain and anxiety.

Dr. Robert Carter: Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health – Master of Science Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University – Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the United States Muilitary Academy, West Point, New York – Certified Body Talk Practitioner & member of the International Body Talk System Association – Certified Natural Health Professional – Master Herbalist –  Reiki Master.

Naturopathic Counseling – $45.00

MASSAGE THERAPY – Treat and pamper yourself with a massage to loosen up your tired or sore muscles from a stressful week. Enjoy a full body massage or  have this relaxing therapy on a specific area which might be affected by sorenness or injury.

Services Offered : Full Body / Specific Area / Chair Theraputic Massage

Price List:$35.00 1/2 Hour Chair or Table Session / $65.00 1 Hour Session           
Pre-Paid Package: $120.00 – (3) 1 Hour Sessions                                                                           Special: $45.00 for first time clients (1 hour Full body Massages Only)

EAR CONING – The human body is like a finely tuned machine which each of its parts serving a specific and essential purpose. Hearing and controlling the balance or equilibrium are some of the functions of the ear. As with any other part of the body, stress, poor diet and nutrition, and the toxins in the environment will throw the body out of balance, which can lead to illness. In order to function properly, the ears can be relieved of accumulations of wax, yeast and parasites through an age old remedy called “ear coning”. Ear coning does not cause side effects or health disorders, however, side effects may be experienced depending on the health condition of the individual, and because of blocked pores in the ears or the ear canal due to years of wax build up. Other side effects which could be associated with a release of toxins could be: ear aches, itching or soreness, upset stomach, runny nose, feelings of the ear being clogged.

The process of ear coning is done by placing an ear cone just inside the opening of the ear and lighting the other end of the cone. The smoke from the cone travels down the ear canal creating a vacuum action, which pulls out wax and other debris into the cone. Ear coning is very relaxing and should be part of your regular health maintenance regime.  Caution should be taken for those working in heavy chemical environments without using earplugs. Do not use ear coning if you have recent ear surgery, cysts in the ear, ear drains, Vertigo, tumor of the ear, perforated eardrums. Mastoiditis, Osteosclerosis, Alkalosos of the staples, Paracentesis, Meniere’s disease or are under the supervision of a physician for any ear problems. We use the highest quality ear cones available which are: made from natural products and essential oils, 12” (cotton) or 15” (hemp), and are double dipped wax tips for comfort, and to create a greater seal to improve their effectiveness.

EAR CONING: $60.00 (large cones 15”) ~ $40.00 (small cones 12”)

BIO-CLEANSE – Bio-cleanse is also known as cellular energizing and cleansing, and is designed to detoxify the body through the normal eliminatory organs and systems. The process consists of your feet or hands in a container of warm water, an array sits in the water that generates ions (pos. & neg.). Toxins are drawn out by attracting the opposite ions in the body. As the toxins are drawn out of the feet the water begins to change colors and based on the colors in the water, the technician can tell what parts of the body are detoxifying and what health issues are going on in the body. While Bio-cleanse is very effective in detoxifying the body of metals, yeast and toxins, we need to do our part with real lifestyle changes.