Constipation is the difficulty or inability to have a bowel movement (BM) and/or the passing of dry or hard stool or waste. Stool (waste) usually is undigested food, toxins and harmful bacteria that has not yet been eliminated through a bowel movement. If the stool sits too long in the colon before it is evacuated, several things can happen: the stool becomes hard and dry, the bacteria ferments and the stool starts to rot thereby creating toxic materials which can be re-absorbed back into the bloodstream causing autointoxication which is a form of self-poisoning. Those toxins can travel back into the organs, tissues and joints to create any number of illnesses, disorders and conditions. Some of them are headaches, foggy thinking, bad breath (halitosis), bloating, gas, flatulence, indigestion, vericose veins, body odor, overweight, arthritis or achy joints, feeling sluggish, depression, heightened PMS and menopause symptoms and more.

The causes of constipation vary with each person; however, the primary cause is poor dietary habits, such as fast foods, junk foods, sugar and foods that lack fiber. Some of the other causes of constipation are:

1)    Medications – for pain, some iron and/or calcium supplements, some cough syrups, antidepressants, heart, antihistamines and blood pressure medications, antacids and antibiotics (read the side effects on all medications).

2)    Lack of exercise – which can stimulate the colons muscular contractions

3)    Dehydration – which stems from not drinking enough water and caffeinated drinks like coffee and pops which tend to promote dehydration.

4)    Holding – not having a (BM) when you feel the urge eventually leads to a sluggish bowel

5)    Age, surgeries, structural bowel abnormalities, muscle disorders and bowel diseases are also factors in constipation.

6)    Improper mastication – swallowing half eaten or chewed food and not chewing each mouthful of food sufficiently  to a semi-liquefied state can cause blockages in the colon

Also, you should have a (BM) after each meal anywhere from 15 mins. to 1 hour after eating, just like babies and animals do. If you eat three meals a day and only have one (BM), that indicates constipation. The body extracts and assimilates the nutrients out of the food, it does not use the bulk, if it did there would be no need to have a bowel movement.

To promote healthy bowel function and to assist in eliminating constipation, some suggestions are:

1)    Eat high fiber foods – raw fresh fruits and vegetables (including the skins), brown rice, bran, whole grains, oatmeal, prunes, figs, seeds, barley, dried beans, grapes etc. (soluble fiber absorbs water and toxins, and insoluble fiber adds roughage and bulk to scrape and sweep away impacted waste stuck on the colon walls)

2)    Drink plenty of water (drink half of your body weight in ounces – 185 pounds = 1 1/2 gallons daily)

3)    Take digestive enzymes, which breaks the food down into a softer state to allow it to pass through the colon easier

4)    Incorporate oils (flax, fish oils, and borage) into your diet daily to provide lubrication of the colon and promote regular bowel movements

5)    Exercise regularly

6)    Position your legs correctly while having a bowel movement. The natural and correct position is to squat, however, toilets are not designed to simulate a natural position so the next best position is to bend forward until your chin or cheek is near or touching your knees. Or, place your feet on top of a small stool or several phone books so that your knees are higher than your hips.

7)    Periodically give yourself an enema to reduce the chances of waste impacting on the sides of the colon. Also, a thorough cleanse at least four times a year (when the seasons change) by taking a colon cleanser or getting several colonics

If you are experiencing constipation, especially on a regular basis, you must factor in the short-term and long-term effects. Short-term, your organs are being overtaxed by trying to rid themselves of the toxins and waste built up. And long-term, a dirty colon is the foundation and breading ground for parasites, worms and an endless list of illnesses, disorders and diseases. Avoiding constipation will require a change in your dietary habits as well as your overall lifestyle. It may require totally changing the foods that you are eating, eating home cooked meals instead of eating out and creating an exercise regiment.

You only get one body so take care of it, so it can take care of you!

Cold and Flu Defense

Fall and winter seems to be the seasons where people are more susceptible to colds and flues (or influenza) are very similar and they both are caused by viruses, but flues tend to be more serious.      The natural remedies for colds and flues are also similar, listed are some of the most popular herbs and their general uses:

  • Astragalus – promotes the multiplication of white blood cells for fighting infection, enhances immune system (do not take if a fever is present).
  • Echinacea – purifies the blood, promotes digestion, expels poisons and toxins, is a gargle for sore throats, and fights viral and bacterial infections.
  • Fenugreek – expels mucus, a gargle for sore throats, has cooling effects on the bowels, lubricates the intestines, and has laxative properties, helpful for stomach ulcers and other stomach problems.
  • Mullein – expels mucus, the tea is good for inducing sleep, coughs, hay fever, hoarseness and bronchitis, boil the leaves in water and breath in the vapors for nasal congestion and other respiratory problems.
  • Elderberry – a tonic and blood purifier, diuretic, promotes sweating, has laxative properties, enhances the immune system, relieves coughs and congestion.
  • Eucalyptus – boil and inhale the vapors of the leaves or oil to break up mucus and to aid in breathing, is a decongestant and expectorant.
  • Cayenne (capsicum) – is a stimulant, it improves circulation, breaks up mucus, promotes the healing of the stomach lining, is an expectorant and anti-flammatory.
  • Ginger – a hot ginger tea will promote a cleansing of the system through perspiration, it stimulates circulation, prevents griping or cramps, aids in clearer and easier respiratory breathing.
  • Wild Cherry Bark – expels mucus, loosens phlegm in the throat and chest, good for coughs, asthma, bronchitis and digestive problems.
  • Olive Leaf – fights viral and bacterial infections, has laxative properties, effective against fever, has a tranquilizing effect for nervous tension.
  • Red Clover – powerful blood purifier, expels mucus, good for coughs, bronchitis, fights infection and calms the nerves.
  • Hyssop – increases circulation, regulates blood pressure, expels mucus, good for fevers, and loosens phlegm in the lungs and throat.
  • Garlic – expels mucus, powerful germ killer, detoxifies the body, fights viruses, yeast and fungus, and strengthens the immune system.
  • Horehound – loosens and decreases the thickness of mucus and aids in expelling it, is a good stomach tonic, good for respiratory problems and builds the immune system.

Some other helpful hints are to:

  • Avoid sugar, diary products (cheese, milk) and other mucus forming foods
  • Drink plenty of fluids (plain water, herbal teas and pure juices)
  • Throw your toothbrush away  (it can prolong your illness by harboring germs and viruses)
  • Wash your hands thoroughly every time you blow or wipe your nose or sneeze
  • Take vitamin C (with zinc) lozenges at the first signs of a sore throat
  • Boil raw apple cider vinegar with a little water and inhale the vapors to open a stuffy head or nose and to drain the sinuses. Also take  1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water to break up mucus in the body
  • Chew crystallized ginger to aid in respiratory and mucus congestion
  • Most importantly, keep your bowels open to allow the mucus and toxins to leave your body (colon cleansers, castor oil, aloe vera, coffee enemas or a herbal laxative will be helpful if needed)

The best defense against colds and flues is to strengthen your immune system. You can not take one kind of pill or herb and think that they will build your immune system up. The immune system is a system consisting of the complex interaction of cells, organs, and structures etc. within the body that function synergistically. It is very important to begin to learn about your body parts and how they function. Learn about and Love on your body, after all, you only get one!

Guest or Host: Who’s Coming to Dinner?

When you invite guests over to dinner, usually you try to make sure that the food you have prepared is exactly to the liking of your guests, which is what a good host does. Well, what if the host was the dinner and the guests were parasites?

Everyone is a host to parasites whether they are aware of it or not. One definition of a host is: an animal, plant or organism from which a parasite obtains nutrition. A parasite is: an animal, plant or organism which lives on or in an organism of another species (host) of which it obtains nutrition, without making any useful and fitting return. There are hundreds of types of parasites which fall under five groups: 1) Roundworms, 2) Single cell parasites, 3) Tape worms, 4) Flukes, 5) Spirochetes. Parasites found in humans range in size from microscopic to 30 feet long depending on the type. They can enter the body through several ways: the soil, air, the bottom of the feet and pets. The deadliest ones to humans are found in fecal matter (human or animal), ingesting meats (especially pork and beef), fish and dairy. Cooking meat does not necessarily kill some parasites as people mistakenly believe.        Because parasites are a living being, they eat to survive, they also defecate   (or eliminate waste which is very toxic to the human body), they reproduce by the thousands, and they die within us. Their toxic waste weakens our immune system which leads to numerous illnesses and diseases, so a person who already had a weakened immune system is the most susceptible.                Small blips of information will arise in the media once it has reached an obvious dangerous proportion such as the recent scare with E-coli (which is feces) found on fresh spinach. Be clear that illnesses and diseases linked to parasites are already at critical proportions.

Because the symptoms of a parasitic infestation are what we consider “basic” to so many other illnesses that parasites are usually never looked at as the primary cause. Some of the symptoms of the presence and possible infestation of parasites are: flu-like complaints, impaired concentration, bed wetting, gas and bloating, itchy ears, nose and anus, grinding teeth at night, painful joints, snoring, weight gain (around the full moon), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies, insomnia, over/under weight, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, always feeling hungry, nervousness, anemia, junk food cravings, headaches/migraines and constipation.

There are several methods that can rid the body of parasites:
Herbs – wormwood, cloves, ginger root, buckhorn root, black walnut, capsicum, flax seed

Foods –pumpkin seeds, garlic, sesame seed, onion, apple cider, alkaline water

Colonic – to flush the parasites from the colon after a colon cleanser and parasitic formula have been previously taken         

     There are many other alternatives as well, and those listed above must be taken in the proper proportion, so it is best to purchase a colon cleanser and parasitic formula from a health food store for safe effective results. We can never totally eliminate parasites out of the body. However, they can be effectively managed; but that can only be achieved first by informing oneself and then taking all the appropriate steps necessary, which more than likely will mean eating and lifestyle changes.

There is a vast amount of information as well as pictures on parasites (in humans) now becoming available and especially on the internet (Discover Magazine had a front page spread about intestinal parasites). Take the time to do research about parasites and how they affect your body, you might be amazed at what you find.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The apple and its many benefits are very ancient and are known throughout the world. Apples contain enzymes, iron, boron, minerals, trace minerals, pectin and are an excellent source of fiber. The product of the apple, which is credited with being one of the most powerful healing and cleansing elixirs, is raw, un-distilled Apple Cider Vinegar (or ACV). Apple Cider Vinegar is even traced back to the Egyptians as far as 3000 B.C. and is written about in the anneals of history in other countries. ACV is known to have hundreds of uses such as a cleaning and deodorizing agent, body deodorant, healing tonic, disinfectant, germ and virus fighter, it kills bacteria and common mold, and it is used as a flavoring, pickling and marinade in cooking.

The health benefits of consuming raw ACV far out-weigh any other food source. Some of the more popular uses for ACV are: weight loss, acid reflux, joint pain, chronic fatigue, sinus problems (congestion and headaches), sore throats, mental alertness, high cholesterol, corns/calluses/warts, skin tonic, yeast and fungus infections, varicose veins, skin problems, insect bites/stings, dry/thinning/itchy scalp, sore muscles, digestive problems, kidney/bladder/gallbladder problems, mucus, douches, constipation, burns and much more.

True ACV is raw, unfiltered and organic, that is cloudy and has a sediment called “mother”. The clear distilled vinegar’s found in the supermarkets have no health value and from a nutritional standpoint are worthless. The distillation process destroys and leaches out important and vital minerals and enzymes, which are necessary for the body to function properly and to maintain health such as:

1. Sodium – maintains proper water balance and blood pH and is needed for stomach, nerve and muscle function.

2. Iron – required for a healthy immune system, and energy production, important for the oxygenation of red blood cells, and for the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin.

3. Copper – aids in the formation of hemoglobin, red blood cells and the formation of the bone, needed for healthy joints and nerves, is essential for the formation of collagen (a protein in the formation of bone, skin and connective tissues).

4. Magnesium – prevents the calcification of soft tissue, protects arterial linings, helps reduce and dissolve calcium phosphate kidney stones, reduces cholesterol levels, and aids in maintaining the body’s proper pH balance and normal body temperature.                                                                                                

5. Trace minerals – minerals in trace amounts needed for the formation of blood and bone,proper composition of body fluids, healthy nerve function regulation of muscle tone including the cardiovascular system muscles. Vitamins do not work without the aid of minerals minerals.                                                                                                                                                         

6. Amino acids – the chemical building blocks that make up proteins (which are the necessary part of every living cell in the body, and make up the hair, many vital fluids, nails, glands, organs, tendons and ligaments).                                                                                                                                                                              

7. Enzymes (digestive & metabolic) – protect the blood from waste materials, break down food for storage in the liver or muscles, help the blood to coagulate, assist in the removal of wastes from the liver, lungs, colon, skin and kidneys, assist in the construction of nerve cells, new muscle tissue, bone, skin and glandular tissue.                                                                                                                                         

8. Potassium – which is a vital mineral important for a healthy nervous system, in controlling the body’s water balance, muscle tone and regulating cellular nutrition. Potassium deficiencies include poor muscle tone, weakness and fatigue, skin problems, edema, growth impairments, high cholesterol, low blood pressure, nerve problems and pre-mature aging.

The uses and benefits of ACV are so vast that it is almost hard to believe that a tablespoon a day can renew and rejuvenate your body, which will bring you great health, vitality and youthfulness.

The Master Cleanser

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Recently the singer/actress Beyonce Knowles was on Oprah’s show and stated that she had lost 20 pounds in a coupe of weeks for her starring role in “Dreamgirls”. She said that she had lost her weight on the “Master Cleanser” diet, and since then the Master Cleanser is becoming one of the most popular methods of weight loss. It has generated a lot of media attention with both supporters and naysayers. I have gone on the Master Cleanser several times as well as my family members; we have had wonderful results and will regularly incorporate it into our future health regiment. A man named Stanley Burroughs, created the Master Cleanser (MC) over 40 years ago as a method of internal cleansing and healing. The MC is also called the “lemonade diet” because one of its most obvious benefits is substantial weight loss, but it actually is a detoxification fast.

Fasting is the abstinence from eating food (solid or liquid) for short or extended periods of time. The purpose and primary reasons for one to use the MC fast are detoxification, illness, weight loss and to allow the digestive and eliminative organs to rest. Fasting was used throughout the history of man as well as in nature, evidenced in children and animals that do not eat if they are not feeling well. The MC ideally should be used to cleanse the body and its systems at least four times a year (when the seasons change), when you have become overweight and especially when an illness has developed whether it is minor, acute or chronic.

Some of the reported healing benefits of the MC are: increased energy, relief from aches and pains, colds, boils, fat burning, skin problems, cholesterol deposits, sinuses, joint and muscle pain, abscesses, allergies and ulcers. Other wonderful benefits have been the disappearance of cravings, which have resulted in the breaking of addictions such as caffeinated drinks, smoking, alcohol and even drugs. Some years ago before I changed my dietary habits, I was addicted to Pepsi. I went on the MC for seven days, I had lost 10 pounds and I realized that my craving for Pepsi was gone.

As powerful and effective as the MC is, amazingly it only has four ingredients in its recipe:

  1. Lemons (or limes) – which are rich in vitamins and minerals, a natural cleansing, disinfectant and detoxifying agent
  2. Grade B maple syrup – is the richest in mineral content and should not be confused or replaced with sugar based maple flavored syrup found in the grocery store which has no nutritional value or health benefits
  3. Cayenne pepper – aids in digestion, improves circulation and breaks up mucus in the body
  4. Distilled water – a pure form of water that pulls out inorganic minerals that are rejected by the body’s cells and tissues

In addition to the MC, a herbal laxative tea is recommended to assure more rapid results, as well as assist in the elimination of the waste and toxins that will be released during the fast. Sufficient bowel eliminations are vital so that the toxins will not back up into the organs, tissues and re-enter into the blood stream.

Because the MC is a fast, no food should be eaten and no vitamin pills are necessary, since all the nutrition needed is contained within the recipe. It is recommended to stay on the MC for 10 days, however, I have heard of people staying on it for up to 30-40 days because they were so pleased with their results. In order to achieve optimum results and minimal complications, the recipe and the process should be followed precisely. There have been some deviations and incorrect information given on the internet and by those who had innocently and unknowing passed it around, so it is strongly advised to acquire the original book “The Master Cleanser” by Stanley Burroughs to eliminate all doubt. It is very informative and has a variety of other very interesting information in it.

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“I would like to recommend the Master Cleanser diet to everyone. I’m a firefighter of 13 yrs. for Detroit, so I consider myself in decent shape. I tried the diet, not to lose weight, but to cleanse of the impurities of 13 yrs. of fire service plus 30+ yrs. of various eating habits. I started the Master Cleanse and the same day I started my workout regime, and I have to say I was amazed that I had energy to workout daily while not consuming food. But I never lost a step, skipped a beat, and felt better than I have, probably since my late teen or early 20”s. Its really changed my outlook on health, my eating habits, and lifestyle. I am an avid fan of the Master Cleanse and during and since me trying it, many friends and family members became interested. Quite a few of them have tried it with similar results and opinions. You just don’t realize how good you could and should feel, till you try something life-changing! For me, it has been just that… Life Changing. I’m a better person physically after trying it, and that’s what really matters. Take care of your body, you only get one.”

  1. Johnson

Detroit Firefighter


“I would like to thank Nature’s Very Best Health Food Center for having what I needed. Please believe me when I say the Master Cleanser (or Lemonade Diet) by Stanley Burroughs, in my opinion is, the fastest and most effective way to regain your vitality and feel the joy of living again. It gave me astounding energy, as well as, relieve my body from those toxic poisons which cause many unnecessary illnesses and health issues. I feel this is truly needed among many black African American people. I have personally done this cleansing fast twice, 11 days each time. In return it has given me a deeper appreciation and understanding, when it comes to my food consumption or beverage of choice. Not to mention becoming more enlighten and consciously aware through the process of living.”

Best Regards,

Sylvester Jones

“The Master Cleanse is the Master of all the cleansers and I have done many and this one is the simplest of them all. It gives you energy, you feel great, you just feel better than ever. And you see immediate weight loss.. After the cleanse I had no more symptoms of cravings for starchy foods, and sugar was not something that I wanted any longer.”                                                                                                                                                                    Lynn Clark


“The Master Cleanser is a great diet. I lost 10 pounds in one week. It doesn’t make me feel sick or hungry at all. In fact I feel healthier and I have a lot more energy. You are guaranteed to at least lose 5-10 pounds every week. I recommend this diet to everyone who is in need of losing weight and cleansing their body at the same time.”                                                                                                                                                                       Angelica Hudson    “The Master Cleanser is great! I wake up and feel refreshed! I’m never hungry, weak or tired. This is the best thing I’ve done for my health and wellbeing in my life! Absolutely wonderful!”

Zyanya D. Alanis

The Wonder Bean

Palma Christi or the “Hand of Christ” is the ancient name for what we know as the Castor Bean, from which is made castor oil. Just mentioning the word castor oil causes those within certain age ranges to have quite unpleasant flashbacks of having to swallow a spoonful of castor oil at the first sign of contracting a cold.

Castor oil is a triglyceride of fatty acids, which is a combination of three fatty acids (organic acids, which fats and oils within the body are made). One of its trigycerides (almost90%) is Ricindeic Acid, which is responsible for castor oils remarkable healing properties. At this point ricindeic acid has not been found in any other plant. It has also been proven to be effective in preventing the growth of several species of molds, yeasts and viruses. This speaks to its success in treating fungal infections, ringworm, inflammations and non-cancerous growths.

The castor bean is native to India and has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world such as Africa, the Americas, Russia, Persia, Greece and China. Its most familiar uses are for constipation and as a lubricant not only on the skin but also on industrial equipment (because castor oil will not freeze). Medicinally it has a great many uses: arthritis rub, sciatica, asthma, restore hair, skin ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, liver and gallbladder disease, bladder and vaginal infections, increase mild secretion, cataracts and more.

One of the major credits to castor oil is its effectiveness in enhancing the immune system, which is essential to those with AIDS or other serious bacterial or viral diseases. A critical component to building a strong immune system is the Lymphatic System which consists of the lymph nodes, thymus, tonsils and spleen. The fluid that circulates through the lymphatic vessels is called “lymph”, and basically it washes away waste products, toxins and other debris from the spaces between the cells, as well as the tissues. The largest concentration of lymphatic vessels are around the neck, under the arms, around the trunk/waist, the groin and the knees. The lymphatic system does not have its own motor system so it is imperative for a person to engage in regular movement (i.e. dancing, swimming, exercise etc.) to assist the lymph in flowing or draining. Poor lymphatic movement or drainage could lead to edema, problems with the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs. When castor oil is rubbed into the skin, it has been reported that the lymphocyte count of the blood increases, resulting in the increase of lymph flow in the body. This speeds up the removal of toxins and waste from around the cells and reduces swollen lymph nodes.

There are several methods of using castor oil:

1) Orally, for constipation problems, the usual suggested dose is 1 tablespoon for adults and 1 teaspoon for children. (**Only use pharmaceutical grade cold pressed, or a brand that states that it can be used internally).

2) Castor oil pack- useful for arthritis, bursitis, swelling, strains, sprains, itching, wounds, constipation, appendicitis, fluid retention accompanied by swollen joints and pain, boils, liver cirrhosis, hyperactivity, swollen lymph nodes, sinuses and upper respiratory infections. To make a castor oil pack, you will need several tablespoons of cold pressed castor oil, 2-3 pieces of flannel or white cotton (towel or T-shirt), a piece of plastic larger than the towel or flannel and a heating pad or hot water bottle. 1) Rub 1-2 tablespoons of castor oil onto the affected area for about 15 minutes, 2) pour two or more tablespoons (depending on the size of the affected area) of castor oil onto the flannel or cloth and place the flannel on the affected area, 3) cover the flannel with plastic (which holds the heat in) then cover the plastic with another towel, 4) place the heating pad over the area at the warmest tolerable temperature for about an hour. If using a hot water bottle, refill it as it begins to cool down, 5) general use is to use the pack for at least three consecutive nights, then skip three nights, until results are experienced.

3) Castor Paste – for calluses, moles, warts or ingrown toe nails, mix a pinch of baking soda with 3-4 drops of castor oil and massage into the affected area.

4) Rub or massage directly into the skin- to protect against the weather, for wrinkles, prevention of stretch marks, fungal and bacterial infections, strains, sprains, ringworm, sebaceous cysts or itching.

Castor oil has many other uses and it would be beneficial for you to do further research especially if you have any of the conditions above. Castor oil has had an amazing reputation for healing and was used for centuries by our ancestors thereby earning the right to be called an ”ancient healer”.

Tis The Season to Be HEALTHY!

The holiday season ironically ends with a beginning; a new year, and when a new year begins many people make a New Year’s resolution. Think about making your resolution with the decision to become healthier. There are many ways to do that such as: exercising, eliminating certain foods from your diet, learning relaxation techniques, spending more “ME” time or picking up a new hobby.

Becoming healthier also means taking care of your body temple to allow it to function at its optimum as it was divinely created to do. The human body is like a finely tuned machine with each of its parts serving a specific and essential purpose. Stress, poor diet and nutrition, and the toxins in the environment will throw the body out of balance, which can lead to illness and diseases. There are several therapies (some whose origins have been traced back thousands of years and are still powerfully effective today) that have proven effective in enhancing one’s health and well being.

Listed are several therapies to consider incorporating into your health regime:

Colonic – A colonic (also called “a high enema”, “colon hydrotherapy” or “colon irrigation”) is a therapy, which uses water to flush the build-up of waste material from the colon such as: hard and impacted feces, mucus, parasites, worms etc. Poor dietary habits, a lack of fiber and insufficient exercise are some of the contributing factors to a sluggish colon and bowel, which can ultimately lead to a toxic system. If there is a build-up of waste material, the toxins (which are poisonous to the body) can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream causing one to feel ill, weak and/or tired, also toxins can enter into the organs which could lead to dis-ease. Other outcomes of waste build-up is the colon’s inability to assimilate minerals and vitamins; the walls of the colon can become weak causing sluggish bowel movements and constipation, and the environment is enhanced for harmful colon bacteria and excessive yeast growth. A colonic is rarely painful, however, there might be discomfort when there is an implication of fecal matter or waste as well as gas, which will be relieved when the waste is expelled.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) – heals spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically because it raises your energy vibration above the level of sickness to promote the elimination of imbalances, discomforts, pain and illness. Reiki has been known to improve many conditions such as: poor blood circulation, relieve stress and remove energy blockages. An experienced Reiki practitioner is extremely effective in indicating the root causes of physical challenges and emotional pressures such as depression, grieving, and anger. Reiki energy brings about a state of peace and balance. It is completely painless and leaves one feeling stress free.

Bio-cleanse – is also known a cellular energizing and cleansing, and is designed to detoxify the body through the normal eliminatory organs and systems. The process consists of your feet or hands being placed in a container of warm water, an array (bio-cleanse generator machine) sits in the water that generates ions (pos. & neg.) which draws toxins out of the bottom of the feet. As the toxins are drawn out of the feet, the water begins to change colors and based upon the colors in the water, the technician can tell what health issues are going on in the body. While Bio-cleanse is very effective in detoxifying the body, it is beneficial to part with real lifestyle changes.

Reflexology – is a specialized form of foot (or hand) massage therapy which has been traced back to around 2300 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Reflexology detects and corrects imbalances within the body that may be causing ill health. The theory of reflexology is that specific areas on the bottom of the feet (or on the palms of the hands) are energetically connected to the organs, glands, nervous and lymphatic systems. When the reflexologist applies pressure with their thumb on those specific areas on the feet (or hands), they can detect and break-up blockages. The client might feel a variety of sensations if there is congestion, blockages or imbalances in the organ, gland etc. associated with that area. The main benefit of reflexology is relaxation, but it also improves the blood supply, relieves stress and pain, as well as promoting good health.

Iridology – is the study of the iris of the eye, and is purely a diagnostic tool and an assessment aid for the iridologist. The iris (the colored part of the eye) is like a map, which identifies which part of the body, is affected by or subjected to be affected by an illness or dis-ease. An experienced iridologist is able to pinpoint the general state of a person’s health and is able to indicate conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, allergies, as well as problems with the body’s glands and organs. Problem areas within the body are identified within the iris as spots, flecks, white or dark streaks etc. An iridology examination is simple and painless; the iridologist looks into the colored part of the eye with the aid of a flashlight and then notates on an eye chart any abnormalities. Some examiners use a special camera to photograph the iris, magnify the picture then document the results.

Ear Coning (or ear candling) – is an age-old remedy, which removes the accumulations of wax, yeast and parasites.  Ear coning does not cause side effects or health disorders, however, side effects may be experienced depending upon the health condition of the individual, and because of blocked pores in the ears or the ear canal due to years of wax buildup. The process of ear coning is done by placing an ear cone just inside the opening of the ear and lighting the other end of the cone. The smoke from the cone (which is made from natural products and essential oils) travels down the ear canal creating a vacuum action, which pulls out wax and other debris into the cone. Ear coning is very relaxing and should be part of your regular health maintenance regime.

You Are What You Eat

I was recently vending at a function when a man from out of town approached our booth and said, ”I’m glad you are here, I’m a vegetarian and I was looking for a health food store.” After he left, I was thinking about his statement and wondered why a person has to look for a health food store? Isn’t All Food supposed to be healthy? If a health food store has healthy food in it, then what does a grocery store have? Why is health food more expensive? When you are out and about, why aren’t there as many restaurants to drive-up to and get a vegetable plate, a salad or a fruit smoothie, as there are fast food restaurants?

In our line of business we are observing people becoming sicker by the day, they seem to lack the energy that they need to sustain their daily activities, and obesity in adults and children are at record proportions. One of the reasons for these challenges is also the solution: You Are What You Eat! There is a saying in the health food industry; “from life comes life”. That means that when you consume live foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, you will also be consuming the energy that supports and sustains life. When you consume meat or flesh (that includes fish, chicken and turkey), there is no energy to sustain life because you are eating something dead. If you leave any uncooked, un-refrigerated fruit or vegetables (such as an apple, orange, lemon, beet or potato) out on your counter for a week, you will still be able to eat it. If you leave any uncooked, un-refrigerated meat or flesh out on your counter for a week, would it still be edible? I seriously doubt it, it will be rotting and stinking before the week was up.

In the wild, generally animals that are herbivorous (or vegetarian) only eat fruit or plants, and they are not as aggressive, their bodies are lean and they spend most of their time standing or moving around. On the other hand, carnivores (or flesh eaters) typically are more aggressive and they spend a lot of time laying down and sleeping after they have eaten their kill.

If you are what you eat, what would the body of a person who is a junk food junkie look like? “Junk” is defined as: to discard as worthless; waste; to scrap. If you are what you eat, what does you body look like? What have you been eating? Think about your body temple as being a divinely created machine that is capable of awesome feats if it is cared for and maintained properly. The driver of a multi-million dollar racecar would not conceive of putting cheap gas into their car, but the driver of a hooptie would not give it a second thought.

There are at least three simple methods of identifying whether the foods that you are eating are healthy or harmful:

1) By the way that you feel (healthy, strong, vibrant and energized, or, low to no energy, aches and pains, illnesses, constipation, bloating, no motivation, sluggishness etc.)

2) By the way you look (a clean, healthy and glowing look, toned body, lots of energy, or, weight gain, poor condition of the hair and skin etc.)

3) By the way you act (even-tempered, patient, mentally and emotionally balanced, focused, or, impatient, aggressive, unbalanced, lack mental clarity etc.)

Making the transition to a healthier lifestyle is a process which takes time and patience. It took you time to get into the condition that you are in, and it will take you time to get yourself out of it. Until then, become educated about diet, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other supplements that will assist you. Take care of your body, love it, nourish it and nurture it, after all, you only get one!

You Can’t Afford To Get Sick

The costs of health care in this country are at record levels and are rising daily. Smaller businesses are being forced to totally cut health benefits, large businesses are changing their health insurance benefits so that the employee is absorbing more of the cost and receiving less coverage. Prescription co-pays are increasing, doctor’s visits now require payment up front, and the length of a stay at the hospital is influenced by the type of, or lack of health insurance that you have. The bottom line is that you can’t afford to get sick!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be looked upon as an expensive, time consuming chore. If that is your belief then think upon these 4 things: 1) anything worth having is worth working for, 2) you only invest in that that you think has value, 3) an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, 4) you only get one body, so it is wise to take care of it. Being healthy is a choice. Each time that you eat a meal, you are choosing to eat something that you know is healthy or unhealthy for you. Every choice in life that you make comes with results or consequences. The consequences of unhealthy eating might not be obvious immediately, but you will begin to notice subtle signs (gas, bloating, sluggishness, constipation, headaches, sinus problems, aches and pains, fatigue etc.) Unfortunately, generally people do not notice or respond to the subtle signs, which could then allow acute or chronic illness and disease to begin to develop.

Taking responsibility for oneself is the first step towards a healthy body. This can be done in several ways:

1) Educate yourself about your body and it functions so that you can take preventative measures to ward off illness. If you are already ill, self-education will equip you to make knowledgeable decisions and choices about your healing process. Learn about herbs, vitamins, supplements, food and food preparation.

2) Eliminate the excuses that you make when it comes to changing your dietary habits and lifestyle, such as : “I’ll start next week”, “O.K. this is my last time”, “I don’t have the time”, “It costs too much”, “I don’t know how to cook that kind of food”, “I’m too tired to exercise” etc.

3) Set realistic goals for yourself when making dietary and lifestyle changes. Change is a process not an overnight success. In most cases it is necessary to wean oneself away from certain foods, especially those that have addictive qualities (cheese, breads, pop, meats, candy, junk foods), but then learn about the healthy satisfying alternatives that you can eat.

4) Monitor your mental/emotional triggers, which unconsciously stimulate your old behavior patterns, cravings and addictions. Companies pay millions of dollars to marketing firms to incite, arouse and stimulate you to buy their burgers, candy, pop, chips, donuts, pizza etc. Also, be conscious of the types of people that you are around and their habits, which might cause you to lapse into the old addictive habits that you are trying to break.

5) Create a plan of alternatives of foods to eat that are satisfying and healthier, as well as discovering restaurants that serve ample choices of fruits, salads or vegetables. It is easy to become frustrated and give up when you are constantly told what you can not have and what you should not do. Empower yourself by developing a realistic attainable plan which includes: a) your goals (i.e. loosing 1 pound per week, making your lunch for work, walking/exercising daily), b) listing your limitations or challenges (i.e. financial, physical, emotional, geographical etc.). Once you have listed your limitations, then research what the alternatives are, relative and realistic to your life.

Making an investment in our health sometimes requires a paradigm shift or a change in your perceptions. Time, energy and money spent on your health now will not have to be spent on prescriptions, doctor and hospital bills later. If you do not spend money to fill your kitchen cabinet, you will be spending it to fill your medicine cabinet.