Nature’s Very Best Health Center

Detroit health Center That Focus on Wellness

Address: 15224 W. 7 Mile – Detroit, Michigan 48235
Phone: (313) 861-1118  E-mail: [email protected]

HOURS: Monday – Friday, 10-7 pm
Saturday 10-6 pm
Sunday Closed


Nature’s Very Best is family owned wellness center that perform multiple procedures to help each patient with their challenges.  We offer a wide array of services such as colonic therapy, body talk, naturopathic counseling, ear coning and bio-cleansing. We strongly encourage wellness through natural ways of healing. Improve your body with Male Ultracore supplements and feel the long lasting effects of improved blood flow and experience increase your stamina. Find out how male enhancement pills work on your body. Is male ultracore safe? Yes it is, this male enhancement supplement was made using natural ingredients and you can even read male ultracore reviews to learn about results.

colonic therapy services


Nature’s Very Best is family owned and operated by three generations. We first opened our doors in 1986, and have been proudly serving our community ever since. We pride ourselves on our 5-star customer service.


The mission of Nature’s Very Best Health Center is to provide quality products and services to the community and to H.E.L.P.T.O.H.E.A.L.

Holistically, Empowering, Lifting, People, Towards, Optimal, Health, Encouraging, Alternative, Living

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